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Disclaimer: Ascent is not a direct or indirect air carrier. All seats and/or flights posted on the platform are sold and arranged by Ascent acting only as a general sales agent. The service provided by Ascent is merely to provide the users of the platform the ability to book and reserve flights with the carrier. Ascent is not an air transport operator or a transport provider. The carrier is the entity providing and operating the flights for you.


Ascent Air Mobility Sustainability - responsible towards net zero. Carbon neutral flights


Towards Net Zero

Towards Net Zero

Building a future of happier and cleaner cities with responsible air mobility

We make every flight a carbon-neutral one. ASCENT makes air mobility more sustainable through ride-sharing, the use of efficient aircraft and carbon offsetting. ASCENT is committed to onboarding and advocating for zero-emission VTOLs.

Ride-sharing on fuel-efficient aircraft

ASCENT not only opens up access to air mobility but also encourages ride-sharing. ASCENT is the first air mobility solution in Asia.

Ride-sharing on fuel-efficient aircraft

Eco-efficient VTOLs

ASCENT supports the development of more environmentally sustainable electric-VTOLs and is partnered with multiple eVTOL manufacturers.

Ascent catalyzes the entry of electric aircraft, eVTOLS.

Focus on service excellence

Since 2019, ASCENT is part of the global community of organisations committing to climate neutrality, under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), to take an active part in making air mobility more sustainable.

Ascent offsets carbon emissions towards a carbon neutral future  air mobility
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