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Disclaimer: Ascent is not a direct or indirect air carrier. All seats and/or flights posted on the platform are sold and arranged by Ascent acting only as a general sales agent. The service provided by Ascent is merely to provide the users of the platform the ability to book and reserve flights with the carrier. Ascent is not an air transport operator or a transport provider. The carrier is the entity providing and operating the flights for you.


Make your trip, a seamless end-to-end travel experience.

Airport Transfers

Seamless. In minutes

Fly across cities and regions in minutes. Escape by air.

Air Taxi

Skip the traffic

Shift your complex travel plans for a seamless experience. Discover our bubbles to travel in a crowd-free controlled environment, combining helicopters, seaplanes, jets and land transfers when needed. Elevate your journey with ASCENT.

VIP Journeys

End-to-end . Exclusive

Experienced crew and pilots

All operators are required to employ full-time maintenance and flight operations management staff to oversee the selection and recurrent training of their pilots and maintenance personnel. This ensures highly qualified, professional, and experienced crew attending to your flight safety.

Ascent Air Mobility Safety and Security experienced crew and pilots

Operations airworthiness

At all times, our partners maintain a valid Air Operator Certificate issued by their Civil Aviation Authority to conduct commercial passenger flights. This also includes maintaining their aircraft in a continued airworthiness state as defined by the manufacturer and regulators. Aircraft shall be equipped as per the mission requirements, such as flotation gears when flying over waters.

Ascent Air Mobility Safety and Security operations airworthiness

Best-in-class fleet

Airbus, Bell, Leonardo, Gulfstream, Pilatus, and Cessna to name a few. With ASCENT you fly with a dedicated state-of-the-art fleet from top manufacturers, delivering optimal safety and security features in complement of optimal comfort and jaw-dropping views.

Ascent Air Mobility Safety and Security top ereliable fleet

Passenger flight coverage

All flights promoted and arranged by ASCENT are operated by our licenced air operator partners, who are approved by their local Civil Aviation Authorities to conduct commercial flight operations. We verify and ensure that you, your luggage and accompanying passengers are covered by the aircraft’s liability insurance.

Ascent Air Mobility Safety and Security insurance coverage

This Is Critical

Your safety and security are paramount

At ASCENT, safety and security are our top priorities. That's why we curate the best-in-class air operators and ensure that they meet our rigorous safety standards. With ASCENT, our clients can have peace of mind knowing that they are in the hands of highly trained professionals who prioritize safety and security above all else.

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Safety and Security

Our top priorities

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