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Elevating Innovative Sustainable Endeavours

About Us

What Sets Us Apart

Thanks to our wide industry experience and network, we provide unique consultancy capabilities to structure the most advanced visions with pragmatic solutions. Our deep understanding of the market players and existing and future innovations, enable us to recommend and implement ambitious projects whether your are a business, or a government agency.

We understand that every project is different, and we tailor our services to meet your specific requirements. We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible service, and we are confident that we can help you find the right aerial solution for your needs.

Our Domains Of Expertise

Aviation Cluster Establishment

We help public agencies establish aviation clusters focused on sustainable innovation. We drive sustainable growth with cutting-edge technologies, strategic partnerships and investments, positioning regions as leaders in green aviation.

Air Mobility

We help set up urban and regional air mobility operations, providing solutions for integration into infrastructure, optimizing routes, ensuring compliance, and designing passenger experience.

Unmanned Operations

We help establishing civil UAV operations. We focus on humanitarian, medical, and goods transport, ensuring efficient, safe, and reliable UAV commercial operations.

Helicopter Operations

We help establishing helicopter operations. We focus on private uses and commercial ventures including passenger transport, tourism, and utility services, ensuring efficiency and growth.

Our Services 

Strategic Tailored Advisory

We offer tailored advisory, providing insights on market entry, expansion, and operational optimization for sustained growth and competitive advantage, as per your profile.

Market Analysis and Research

We provide actionable intelligence on industry trends and emerging technologies, enabling informed decisions and strategic planning.

Policy & Regulatory Consulting

We navigate the aviation regulatory landscape, working with agencies to develop policies for safety, efficiency, and innovation, helping clients comply with complex regulations.

Cooperations & Partnerships

We excel in forging global strategic lasting relationships, leveraging our unique industry insights and network.

Technology and Innovation

We help adopt cutting-edge methods and technologies to achieve goals operational efficiency, and sustainability, ensuring competitiveness.

Why Choosing Us

We strive in delivering industry expertise, tailored solutions, ability to access our global dedicated network, and ability to drive innovation and growth.

Tailored Approached

Tailored Approached

Our tailored approach ensures personalized solutions for each client’s unique needs, fostering strategic growth and maximizing operational efficiency in aviation.



Our expertise in aviation consulting drives growth, innovation, and sustainability, providing tailored solutions for strategic, regulatory, and technological challenges.

Extensive Network

Extensive Network

Our extensive network connects clients with global industry leaders and innovators, enabling strategic partnerships and access to cutting-edge aviation solutions.

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151 Chin Swee Road #07-12 Manhattan House, Singapore, 169876


Contact: +65 8742 8639

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