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About Us

ASCENT elevates your mobility and experiences,

unlocking air spaces.

We make use of planes and helicopters, and catalyze the entry of all-electric aircraft.

seaplanes, planes, jets
electric aircraft such as eVTOLs and eSTOLs
Ascent is committed to a net zero sustainable future of aviation.

Elevated sustainability

With ASCENT your flights are carbon neutral, offsetting carbon, with ride-sharing and flying fuel-efficient aircraft.

We are proud to standby our commitment to sustainable mobility under UNFCCC Climate Neutral Now initiative from the United Nations. Last but not least, we catalyze the entry of electric aircraft.

How It Works

ASCENT Air Mobility how ti works book, lounge fly

1. Search

Explore our air taxi routes, journeys and flight experiences in your country and city/location of choice. 

2. Choose

Select your flight at set times. On-demand flights are available upon request. Flights are on a first-come-first-serve basis.

3. Book

Click Book Now.

Check out or pay offline.

Your flight is confirmed.

4. Fly

Pop up at our hub. 

Relax at our lounge.


Air Mobility Since 2018


ASCENT arranges flights in 5 countries, and more to come.


curated best-in-class aircraft incl. helicopters, seaplanes and jets.


leisure, lifestyle and business destinations and airports.

Where We Fly


Fly across Malaysia, in/to/from Kuala Lumpur, Langkawi, Penang, Tioman, etc.


Discover Singapore from above.


Fly across Thailand, in/to/from Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket, Samui, Hua Hin, Pattaya, etc.

The Philippines

Fly across the Philippines, in/to/from Manila, Tagaytay, Clark, Palawan, Cebu, Boracay, Davao, etc.

United Arab Emirates

Fly across the UAE, in/to/from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Ras Al Khaimah, etc.

More to come

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Some of our partners

Sofitel hotels & resorts

Banwa Private Island

The Farm At San Benito

And much more

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Disclaimer: Ascent is not a direct or indirect air carrier. All seats and/or flights posted on the platform are sold and arranged by Ascent acting only as a general sales agent. The service provided by Ascent is merely to provide the users of the platform the ability to book and reserve flights with the carrier. Ascent is not an air transport operator or a transport provider. The carrier is the entity providing and operating the flights for you.

ASCENT Air Mobility

Go Vertical

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Our Curated Fleet

We continuously grow our diverse fleet of fuel-efficient aircraft from top manufacturers, and operated by best-in-class air operator partners

The Grand Caravan EX is the world's leading amphibian aircraft and one of the most widely used aircraft in the world. This aircraft features a spacious, low-noise, air-conditioned cabin that is easily accessible and offers superior comfort.
The PC-12 NG is lifestyle, and legacy.

Crafted in Switzerland, designed to fly VIP’s to their destinations in both style and comfort. The aircraft offers the most modern cabin experience, equipped with all all you need to relax, work, share in-flight moments for family, personal or business.
The G450 is pure comfort, safety, and mastery of private aviation.

A global business jet that connects continents with ease. Specifically designed for traveling long distances in reliable comfort and safety. Fly in a vast cabin with a full-service galley and ample baggage capacity.
The G150 combines reliability, efficiency, and sophistication

The Gulfstream G150 is known for achieving the longest range at the fastest speed, while offering an advanced cockpit and a spacious VIP cabin, making it ideal for international flights. The G150 remains today's fastest mid-sized business aircraft in the world.
The G200 combines performance, speed, and exceptional comfort.

A world-class performer delivering intercontinental range, exceptional payload capability without sacrificing speed range or passenger amenities, the G200 remains an excellent choice. Extremely popular aircraft, and the first of what is known as the 'new generation' of Super Midsize Business Jets.
The AW109 is the most appreciated helicopter for executive flights. Famous for its advanced technology and high level of safety it is the fastest helicopter in its class, characterised by unrivalled elegance in its interior finish and a stylish shape.
The H145 is the flying SUV. Compact in size, this helicopter’s small footprint and large, flexible cabin make it the aircraft of choice for a variety of civil and tourism flights. It offers the highest standards of safety.
The Airbus H120 comes with a wide cabin configuration and comfortably seats up to 4 passengers, all facing forward. In addition to comfortable seating, with a glass cockpit and expansive glass windows, your views will be unparalleled.
The Airbus H135 is the most successful aircraft in its class. Seating up to 5 in a club seating arrangement, it offers an un paralleled comfort. It is equipped two engines, a unique shrouded fin tail-rotor called, an anti-vibration system, and modern avionics, embodying the highest standards of safety. Its expansive windows offer a  panoramic view.
The Airbus H130, or Eco-Star, was designed for flight experiences. Seating up to 7   facing forward, it offers all passengers a panoramic view.  It is equipped with highest safety standard features such as the unique shrouded fin tail-rotor, an anti-vibration system, and modern avionics, and noise-cancelling systems.
The Airbus H125, or A-Star, is the most flown helicopter in the world. Seating up to 5 facing forward, it offers all passengers a panoramic view. Its equipped with a 3-metre high main rotor, and modern avionics, embodying the highest standards of safety.
The Robinson R66 is a turbine helicopter capable of carrying 4 passengers plus a pilot in 2 + 3 cabin configuration. Known as a leader in its performance class, the payload capacity and spacious luggage compartment of the R66 make it an excellent option for tourism and charter flights.
The T206H is the most sold airplane of its category, thanks to its versatile and powerful characteristics. With a maximum cruise speed of 298km/h / 161 kts, the T206H transports up to 5 passengers comfortably and safely up to 1,300 km / 703 nm.
R44 is the most popular aircraft of the 21st century. Its sleek design, impressive speed, and unparalleled reliability give it the competitive edge in today's fast-paced, changing environment, and make it the ideal helicopter for leisure trips, and sightseeing flights.

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