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To Six Senses Zighy Bay

Your Seamless Journey By ASCENT

To Six Senses Zighy Bay
Your air travel bubble

Tailor your private journey to Six Senses Zighy Bay. 

Ascent proudly collaborates with Six Senses Zighy Bay, luxury nestled sanctuary, to provide a dedicated air mobility integrated solution for its exclusive guests. 

Ascent covers your entire journey, from Dubai or Abu Dhabi, safely, seamlessly and privately, crafting a highly personalised travel bubble experience.

Committed to a zero-emission world, we make every flight a carbon-neutral one and catalyse the entry of all-electric aircraft.

To Six Senses Zighy Bay
Sit back and relax

We fly you as you desire.

From Dubai or Abu Dhabi, we curate the best options and ally helicopter, helicopter, and land transfers from/to airports or private locations. .

We help international guests arriving by jet for passengers, pets and aircraft required arrangements. 

Your fleet

Our dedicated fleet allies helicopters small and large groups, curated to offer top comfort, speed and reduced carbon footprint.

If needed, we can as well arrange international private flights.

Ascent partners with best-in-class air operators to ensure the highest safety and operational standards. 

Make your reservation

Experience peace of mind when getting to your favourite hideaway in an exclusive, convenient and safe environment. 

Book your journey arranged by ASCENT

Reserve your stay at Six Senses Zighy Bay



免责声明:Ascent 不是直接或间接的航空公司。平台上发布的所有座位和/或航班均由 Ascent 仅作为总销售代理进行销售和安排。 Ascent 提供的服务仅仅是为平台用户提供向承运人预订和预订航班的能力。 Ascent 不是航空运输运营商或运输提供商。承运人是为您提供和运营航班的实体。


安全对我们来说至关重要。我们的 air operator partners 保持着无与伦比的安全记录,飞行员和机组人员在他们的带下飞行了数千小时。使用Ascent飞行时,安心飞行。 

Ascent Air Mobility. Safety and Security.


空客、贝尔、莱昂纳多、湾流、皮拉图斯和塞斯纳等等。我们在每种飞机类型和类别中都以最高安全标准飞行。我们的专用车队通过舱内 easy communication 带来最佳舒适度和令人惊叹的视野。

Ascent Air Mobility. Reliable fleet of modern and fuel efficient aircraft

crowd-free 安心

你的旅程 Ascent是为 the new normal量身定制的,有一套措施基于WHO、IATA、ICAO 和国家 CAA 的建议.

Move crowd free


在训练有素的 pilots 和机组人员的陪伴下,体验令人惊叹的体验和旅行。

在 ground 享受专用休息室和时刻。

Lounge. Comfort. Experience
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