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To redeem your gift, just share with us the Ascent Gift Card number received by messaging us here . Please have prepared the name of Flight Experience, preferred date and time. Alternatively, you can email us at 

You will then receive a unique voucher you'll apply at the checkout of your booking.

How can I redeem a gift card?

You can use the Ascent Gift Card on any Ascent Experiences product available and displayed on The Ascent Gift Card is valid one (1) year / twelve (12) months from the day the reception day.

How can I use an Ascent gift card? What is the validity of the Ascent Gift Card?

Feel free to contact us anytime via Messenger (click here), WhatsApp (click here) 

or via email at

Where can I get more answers?

一份价值一千的礼物。 用 Ascent 为您的朋友、家人或商业伙伴带来难忘的体验 体验礼品卡._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3 b-136bad5cf58d_

通过提供在线使用的礼品卡,提供在世界各地的任何 Ascent Experiences 中自由选择的机会。






在 Ascent 礼品店找到 Ascent 的精选 令人惊叹的飞行体验,让您的亲人前所未有地惊喜。

免责声明:Ascent 不是直接或间接的航空公司。平台上发布的所有座位和/或航班均由 Ascent 仅作为总销售代理进行销售和安排。 Ascent 提供的服务仅仅是为平台用户提供向承运人预订和预订航班的能力。 Ascent 不是航空运输运营商或运输提供商。承运人是为您提供和运营航班的实体。

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