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  • Do I need to prepare anything before the flight?
    Please bring your digital copy of the flight itinerary and a valid form of identification. Other than that, none at all! Just purchase your flight/seat, show up to check-in and enjoy the ride!
  • How do I book a flight with Ascent?
    You can either search for an available flight via Ascent or browse through one of our popular destinations and book any available flight. Feel free to reach out should you be unable to find something you like! Let us know and we'll do our best to make it happen.
  • How much do you charge for your charter service?
    Thanks to a high volume of sales, we are able to negotiate the best possible prices with the operators without charging extra fees. On average, clients save between 5 - 15% on their charter flights.
  • Can I purchase with other payment gateways?
    We currently allow PayNow, Stripe, AliPay and PayPal and are constantly on the lookout for different ways to improve our payment process. We can as well arrange bank transfers. Just pick or let us know.
  • How much luggage can I bring on my flight?
    One small carry-on per person is allowed (10kg maximum), roughly the same size as a carry-on bag on a commercial airline flight. Your luggage will be inspected for size and weight when you arrive at the Ascent Lounge or point of departure. If you have excess or oversized baggage, a member of Team Ascent reserves the right to disallow a bag or bags that are deemed too heavy or large. In this case, Ascent will coordinate ground transport of the bag(s) to the traveller’s destination, at the user’s expense. If there is room, Ascent will make an effort to place your item on a later flight. Please refer to our luggage policy to learn more.
  • What if my flight can't leave because of the weather?
    If your flight is delayed or cancelled due to weather or any other circumstance, you will be notified by Team Ascent via email, text or phone. If you would like to learn more about our policies, you can read more about it in our terms and policies.
  • How do I cancel my flight?
    Please refer to our Terms of Service available on the website. Also, cancellations that are not caused by or due to passenger circumstances are refundable. These refunds might be made by Ascent in the form of Ascent credits in which case they would then be credited to your account on the platform. General cancellations are non-refundable and non-transferable.

免责声明:Ascent 不是直接或间接的航空公司。平台上发布的所有座位和/或航班均由 Ascent 仅作为总销售代理进行销售和安排。 Ascent 提供的服务仅仅是为平台用户提供向承运人预订和预订航班的能力。 Ascent 不是航空运输运营商或运输提供商。承运人是为您提供和运营航班的实体。

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