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Flight Experiences of a lifetime

Savour the marvels of the world from the skies. Reach your destination seamlessly, safely, book experiences to immerse yourself into panoramic skylines of stunning scenery and majestic megacities, from above.


Craft your experience

Take your experience to the next level with tailor made itineraries - whether you are creating an experience for your loved ones or your VIP clientele, shape every point of your journey for an ideal experience from first and last mile to lounging and culinary setup.

Your Bird - The A-Star

The Airbus H125, or the A-Star, is equipped with a 3-metre high main rotor, and modern avionics, embodying the highest standards of safety in its helicopter class. Beyond safe flying, and for optimal comfort for 4 passengers, it also comes with a glass cockpit and expansive windows for a panoramic view along with noise cancelling headsets for easy communication.

Crowd-free setting with a peace of mind

Along with flying with the best, your journey arranged by Ascent is tailored to the new normal with a set of measures based on the recommendations of the World Health Organisation, International Air Transport Association and International Civil Aviation Organisation.

World's finest helicopters, operators, pilots and crew

Your journey, experience and safety is our priority. A big part of this is impacted by the helicopter you fly in and the pilots you fly with. With Ascent, fly on state-of-the-art helicopters with best-in-class pilots.

An immersive experience with a focus on service excellence

In addition to experiencing awe-inspiring panoramic views, our pilots will provide commentary while on your air-tour to ensure you never miss a thing. Beyond flying, you can also enjoy our dedicated lounge facilities along with complimentary refreshment.

Fly only with the best

Safety is paramount to us. Our operators uphold an unrivalled safety record, ensured by pilots and air crew with thousands of flight hours under their belt. When flying with Ascent, fly with a peace of mind.

Iconic Tour
Iconic Tour

US$ 184 | AED 675 per person

Fly 12 m . Total experience 25 m

Palm Tour
Palm Tour

US$ 244 | AED 899 per person

Fly 17 m . Total experience 40 m

Vision Tour
Vision Tour

US$ 336 | AED 1,235 per person

Fly 22 m . Total experience 40 m

Grand Tour
Grand Tour

US$ 468 | AED 1,720 per person

Fly 30 m . Total experience 50 m

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Disclaimer: Ascent is not a direct or indirect air carrier. All seats and/or flights posted on the platform are sold and arranged by Ascent acting only as a general sales agent. The service provided by Ascent is merely to provide the users of the platform the ability to book and reserve flights with the carrier. Ascent is not an air transport operator or a transport provider. The carrier is the entity providing and operating the flights for you.

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