Tips for first time passengers

Before you fly:

  1. Arrive at least 20 minutes before flight time
  2. Present your confirmation email to an Ascentee
  3. Enjoy drinks, refreshments and free WiFi
  4. Get ready for the safety brief 5 minutes before flight time

During the flight:

  1. Put on your seatbelt and head-set as briefed
  2. Do not stand while en-route to the next destination
  3. Take lots of pictures for memory sake
  4. Enjoy the scenery

After flying with us:

  1. Unstrap your seatbelts and leave them how you found them
  2. Stand and disembark the helicopter only when given the go-ahead
  3. Follow the Ascentee to the dedicated lounge
  4. Enjoy the lounge facilities or head off to your end destination


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