The North Banks

Discover the Northern Banks of Singapore

Situated north of Singapore, the Johor Straits is a 50-kilometre-long straits that connects Singapore and the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula by road and rail via the Causeway and Second Link - two bridges that cross over the Straits of Johor. The North Bank Adventures hosts sights of Kelongs, offshore platforms built predominantly with wood that bring us back in time, views of waterfront residences and Coney Island Park, an 80-hectare park that houses a wide variety of habitats.


Max passengers

30 m

Flight . On-ground Moments

15 m


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The North Banks

Exploration of the Johor Straits

Make your 15-minute tour, departing from Seletar Business Aviation Centre, even more unforgettable as you fly alongside waterfront residences and eleven connected tropical island parks in Northern Singapore such as Lower Seletar Reservoir Park and Admiralty Park. As you take in scenic views of nature and magnificent waterfront urban planning, take a trip back in time as you fly over the Kelongs of Singapore. Get up close and personal with the lesser seen parts of Singapore while experiencing the joys of flight.

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Your Bird - The Hummingbird

<p class="font_8">The Airbus H120 comes with a wide cabin configuration and comfortably seats up to 4 passengers, all facing forward. In addition to comfortable seating, with a glass cockpit and expansive glass windows, your views will be unparalleled.</p>

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An immersive experience with a focus on service excellence

When you fly with Ascent, you're not just getting a helicopter ride - it's an experience. Gain access to your very own private lounge in the Seletar Business Aviation Centre that comes with complimentary refreshments for you to rest, relax, work or meet your fellow passengers. In addition to lounge access, you will also be provided with exclusive duty-free access for your shopping needs. While flying, our friendly pilot will narrate and orientate you through the flight to complete your air-tour experience of a lifetime.

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