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Tagaytay Escape

Your Tagaytay day-experience

Explore the wonders of Taal Volcano along with scenic views of the Taal Lake. One of the largest active volcanoes in the Philippines, embark on a journey and witness the beauty of nature in multiple forms such as Mount Macolod and Ambon-Ambon Falls. Stop at Antonio's for 2 hours, one of Asia’s best restaurants to relish a world-in-class lunch before flying back to Manila. Lunch and volcano tours can be added on request.


Max passengers

3 h

Flight . Lunch

1 h


More Experiences

Tagaytay Escape

Lunch Escape

  • Cavite Luzon backcountry

  • Taal Lake

  • Mount Macolod

  • Ambon-Ambon falls

  • Taal Volcano tour (on request)

  • Lunch at Antonio's (on request)

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