Helibike. Cerro San Ramon

"An epic experience in an iconic Mountain of Santiago, Chile"

Beautiful views of Santiago, the Plomo and Provincia hills, as well as the ski centers during the flight, descent through high mountain nature trails formed by muleteers, various landscapes and types of terrain.


Max passengers

5 h

Flight . Descent . Rest . Van

20 m


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Helibike. Cerro San Ramon

Technical level HIGH | Descent Dominance Expert

20 km

2000 m elevation gain

3200 meters above sea level

Our partner Andes Helibike has a series of security measures designed to be prepared for any eventuality that may arise in an activity of this nature.

  • Experienced and trained guide to assist an injured person, equipped with a first aid kit, Garmin, and FindmeSPOT satellite communication and geolocation systems, as well as radio frequency.

  • Coordination of rescues with clinic and airport.

  • Air evacuation protocol in emergency cases.

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Your Bird - The A-Star

The Airbus H125, or A-Star, is the most flown helicopter in the world. Seating up to 5 facing forward, it offers all passengers a panoramic view. Its equipped with a 3-metre high main rotor, and modern avionics, embodying the highest standards of safety.

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An immersive experience with a focus on service excellence

Andes Helibike is the leading company in Chile for adventure sports on bicycles, formed by Diego Puelma, a mountain bike competitor with 25 years of experience in mountain sports, multiple national and international awards in Masters Category as well as Category Experts.

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