Helibike. Cerro Provincia

"A Helibike in the mountains and cycling experience in Santiago that you cannot miss"

Adventure down the classic hiking hill in the eastern sector of Santiago, enjoy a beautiful flight through La Reina Alta to San Carlos de Apoquindo, to the summit of Cerro Province. Then, experience a descent through a very entertaining trail. As a team, descend for 2 hours to Las Condes ending with Morro Guayacán.


Max passengers

6 h

Flight . Descent . Rest . Van

15 m


More Experiences

Helibike. Cerro Provincia

MEDIUM technical level | Dominance in Descent

12 km

1700 m elevation gain

2800 meters above sea level

Our partner Andes Helibike has a series of security measures designed to be prepared for any eventuality that may arise in an activity of this nature.

  • Experienced and trained guide to assist an injured person, equipped with a first aid kit, Garmin, and FindmeSPOT satellite communication and geolocation systems, as well as radio frequency.

  • Coordination of rescues with clinic and airport.

  • Air evacuation protocol in emergency cases.

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Your Bird - The A-Star

The Airbus H125, or A-Star, is the most flown helicopter in the world. Seating up to 5 facing forward, it offers all passengers a panoramic view. Its equipped with a 3-metre high main rotor, and modern avionics, embodying the highest standards of safety.

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An immersive experience with a focus on service excellence

Andes Helibike is the leading company in Chile for adventure sports on bicycles, formed by Diego Puelma, a mountain bike competitor with 25 years of experience in mountain sports, multiple national and international awards in Masters Category as well as Category Experts.

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