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For couples: Santiago From Above

Discover Santiago from the eyes of a bird

Discover the capital as you have never imagined it, flying over the architectural achievements of the Titanium tower, La Gran Torre, Sanhattan, as well as taking a trip back in time through downtown Santiago. Admire the Cerro Manquehue, the Virgen del Cerro San Cristóbal and the view of the Andes Mountains from the skies of the city.


Max passengers

40 m

Flight . On-ground Moments

20 m


More Experiences

For couples: Santiago From Above


  • Torre Titanium,

  • La Gran Torre

  • Sanhattan

  • Palacio de la Moneda

  • Cerro Manquehue,

  • Cerro San Cristóbal,

  • Cordillera de los Andes

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Your Bird - The A-Star

The Airbus H125, or A-Star, is the most flown helicopter in the world. Seating up to 5 facing forward, it offers all passengers a panoramic view. Its equipped with a 3-metre high main rotor, and modern avionics, embodying the highest standards of safety.

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