Escape to The Farm at San Benito

Relax at The Farm at San Benito

Explore the wonders of Taal Volcano along with scenic views of the Taal Lake. One of the largest active volcanoes in the Philippines, embark on a journey and witness the beauty of nature in multiple forms such as Mount Macolod and Ambon-Ambon Falls. Stop at The Farm at San Benito, one of the top eco-luxury medical wellness resorts in Asia before flying back to Manila. Lunch, Day of Wellness Pass and Volcano Tours can be added on request.


Max passengers

3 h 10 m

Flight . Relax

1 h 10 m


More Experiences

Escape to The Farm at San Benito

Wellness Escape

  • Cavite Luzon backcountry

  • Taal Lake

  • Mount Macolod

  • Ambon-Ambon falls

  • Taal Volcano tour (on request)

  • Lunch at The Farm at San Benito (on request)

  • Day Wellness Pass at The Farm at San Benito (on request)

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Your Bird - The Robinson R44

R44 is the most popular aircraft of the 21st century. Its sleek design, impressive speed, and unparalleled reliability give it the competitive edge in today's fast-paced, changing environment, and make it the ideal helicopter for leisure trips, and sightseeing flights.

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An immersive experience with a focus on service excellence

Arrangement of reservation at The Farm's restaurant. 

Arrangement of reservation Day of Wellness at The Farm.

Excludes food & beverage.

In addition to experiencing awe-inspiring panoramic views, our pilots will provide commentary while on your air-tour to ensure you never miss a thing.

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